Soul Reflections is a project based on my own dreaming experience.

Is the world all about the everyday sensual experience, or is there something hidden behind the curtain, showing us its face deep in the land of dreams? What about the enlightened inner space of the soul?

As for dreams, I have found around 15 types of these. Some of them are just reflecting the life of ego:), some of them speaking about the relationship with archetypes, the soul, the universe; and some of them speak a bit far behind.

The aim is to create a mosaic of artistic forms developing a large scale of space for sharing to the public.

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Hana Mlnaříková alias Hana Foss

Hana Foss is a human being and native of the Czech Republic. She studied Multimedia Composition at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. She loves to produce her own music and seeks to cooperate, listen and help others to make their ideas a reality. She uses these principles in several areas of her activities; in the recording and production of music, the composition of scenic music and the development of her own ideas and individual performances. To see what's new, please, scroll down!

Being a multi-instrumentalist she not only sings, she plays a variety of flutes, piano, modular synth, looper & FX console, interactive electronics and guitar.

By the age of 10, she had started composing and producing instrumental and electroacoustic musical pieces. These came from her deep rooted need to express herself and share the beauty of music and sound. As time has passed, she has become increasingly interested in expressing authenticity and directness in her works.

She has authored music and sound art pieces for; theater, short movies, television production, games, performances, dancers.

Through her studies, she completed two years of recording and mastering or music, mostly classical music performances. Then for three years she worked in the Orlí Street Theatre and other theatres providing sound technical support for the contemporary opera, musical, and experimental music projects.

She has also been a leading sound engineer and recording director of the Orlí Street Theater Recording Studio .

In addition to her production and sound engineering actives, she was a member of the Mirror Ensemble (live electronics, interactive projection, bass recorder), the Feux Follets trio and still occasionally appears in jazz concerts with the Radim Hanousek's ensembles.

Now she's having a rest. :) Her interest now, whilst traveling, is a conceptual project Soul Reflections, based on long-term research of a dreaming space. This is personal journey involving mixed media, and is due to be realised soon!

UPDATE: With this project, she's been accepted to Ph. D. studies at the University of Porto! Now she is seeking for generous support to get the possibility of full-time focus.

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